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Zack Greinke Has Issues

Zack Greinke thought his baseball career was over last year, after being diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder.

Greinke, one of 2002's most awkward first-round draft picks, left Kansas City's spring training camp unexpectedly on Feb. 25, 2006 and headed to his Florida home for what he described as personal reasons. He returned to the Royals in September and says now that he's over it.

This thing he got over. Apparently, the kid didn't even like playing baseball. What? He told people while in the minors that he hated the game and didn't want to play it. Greinke went 8-11 with a 3.97 ERA in 24 starts as a rookie in 2004 but dropped to 5-17 with a 5.80 ERA the following year, when he led the AL in losses.

"That was actually my favorite year." Greinke said.

I know what you're thinking, Royals fan. What a dick! That was his favorite year? When he sucked the most ass in the league? No wonder the Royals were so terrible.

Greinke continued, "I felt bad because I let our team down. I realized I wasn't that good." Alright then.

He made it back to the big leagues on September 22nd when he pitched one inning against the Detroit Tigers. Overall, he was 1-0 with a 4.26 ERA in three relief appearances over 6.1 innings, arriving at spring training to compete for a spot in the Royals' rotation.

Greinke is slated to make his spring training debut on March 4th against the Texas Rangers.

Source: Kansas City Star