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Pat Burrell is Undecided on Whether or Not to End His Career

Oh, Pat Burrell.

It sounds like the outfielder's career might be coming to an end.

Burrell had mentioned late in the season that he would toss the idea of retirement around if he wasn't able to return to full strength, with that right foot of his giving him all kinds of trouble. Although he has yet to make an official decision, he did have this to say on Thursday:

Giants Torture Fans Down to Last Strike

As usual, the San Francisco Giants drove their fans batshit crazy with another close game during their 3-2 Game 6 win over the Philadelphia Phillies Saturday night.

It was the Giants' sixth one-run victory of the playoffs, which ties a postseason record set by the 1972 Oakland Athletics. In fact, only Tuesday's 3-0 win over the Phillies allowed their fanbase to breathe easily.

The Return of Pat the Bat

(...and Aaron Rowand too I guess.)

If there's one thing Pat Burrell might like to do before he retires, it's to beat the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League Championship Series to move onto the World Series as a San Francisco Giant.

The one-time Phillies Hero was cast away last year and replaced like a burned out light bulb. Things were not looking so good for Burrell early on this season when he was released by the Tampa Bay Rays after sucking it up there, but the Giants were willing to give him a shot.


Dramatic Rallies Are Hot

this picture of The Bat's ass, dedicated to Melissa's happiness.
This photo of Pat Burrell's rear, meant mostly to make Melissa's day, was snapped after the Philadelphia Phillies tough-as-nails left fielder smashed a 3-2 pitch from San Francisco Giants righty Brian Wilson into the left-field seats with two out in the bottom of the tenth Friday night for the game-winner.

After 5 upper-nineties fastballs whizzed by The Bat, he took the sixth one deep for his ninth homer of the season. This marks Burrell’s third career walk off, and first since 2002.

[The 700 Level]


Babes Dig the Longball

Ladies and gentlemen, your big league home runs leader: Chase Utley.

Sunday night against Mike Pelfrey and the New York Mets, the Philadelphia Phillies stud second baseman smoked a two-out solo shot in the first to give his club a one-run lead before nailing a three-run homer to right in the fifth. With no one out in the seventh, he singled on a soft fly in Ryan Church's direction, enjoying a 3-3 evening.

Utley leads not only the National League, but all of baseball with 8 home runs. Chicago Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee is close behind with seven, and 7 guys are on their tails tied with six.

Have you ever visited chaseutley.com? You should go there.

Also, I'm going to attempt to make this picture about Sunday's game, even though it was snapped five days prior. In the ninth inning against the Houston Astros, Geoff Jenkins scored the winning run on a Pedro Feliz base hit. It looks like Pat Burrell seriously needed a hug. I think I see tears.

As it turns out, Feliz also drove in the go-ahead run during Sunday's game with a solo to right in the seventh.

Update: Utley homered for the fifth straight game Monday night during Philly's 9-5 win over the Colorado Rockies. Double digits, baby.