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Manny Ramirez Seeks Reinstatement, Ban Cut to 50 Games... Sort Of

Just admit it already. You miss Manny Ramirez and his shenanigans.

The silly former outfielder begged to be reinstated once again this weekend while his suspension for a second failed drug test was cut from 100 games to 50 since he sat out nearly all of last season. Having already suffered through a 50-game ban for violating baseball’s drug agreement back in 2009, he was supposed to serve a 100-game suspension last spring for being a complete idiot and committing a second offense. Rather than endure the penalty, he told the commissioner’s office he was quitting baseball last April.

Anyway, Manny asked to be reinstated back in September when he realized he was banned from Winter Ball in the Dominican Republic, but that apparently that didn't get him anywhere. However, Commissioner Bud Selig is all about it this time, announcing in a statement that "as a condition of his reinstatement, Ramirez will be required to resolve his outstanding violation."

Ramirez will turn 40 in May, so I'm not sure what business he even has being reinstated. Maybe he just wanted to clear his name after that whole arrest thing in September on a domestic battery charge involving his wife. Dick.

The suspension would begin with the first game he is eligible to play, making it more of a 206-game suspension if you count the final 156 games of 2011 plus the first 50 of 2012. All he needs to do is get signed. Miami, anyone?



The Friendliest Analyst in the Universe

It has been previously documented on BLB that we weren't quite convinced that Sean Casey is the nicest guy on the planet. However, the (most recently) former Boston Red Sox first baseman's latest agenda has us thinking otherwise. He's actually pretty jolly.

Casey, 34, has decided to retire after 12 mostly under-achieving -- he twice was just one RBI away from triple digits -- yet friendly seasons in the big leagues, serving time with five different teams. He will now embark on a new journey with the MLB Network as a studio analyst. A channel which devotes 24/24 hours in a day to baseball? Yes please, I'll take two.

The perky cornerman became a three-time All-Star during his eight seasons with the Cincinatti Reds, later moving onto Pittsburgh and Detroit, and finally finishing his career in Beantown last year by batting .322 in 69 games with no longballs and 17 RBIs.

Happy Trails, Happyman.

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You Drink, You Drive, You Spill

New York Yankees flame-thrower Joba Chamberlain was picked up on DUI charges over the weekend after blowing a .134 BAC. The legal limit back home in Nebraska (a no fun zone) is 0.08.

Tsk, tsk.

First of all, he was speeding. Second, he totally had an open beer in the car with him. However, the 23-year-old righty has full support of "the Yankee family" according to Hal Steinbrenner.

Way to kick-start the offseason, Joba.

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Mo Finally Fixes His Shoulder

At 38 years old with recurring arm issues and graying hair, New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera had surgery on his right shoulder Tuesday.

Rivera, who just finished up his 14th season with the Bronx Bombers (his one and only team) had 39 saves this year, along with a 1.40 ERA -- his best since 2005.

Apparently, Mo's tank isn't empty yet, since he expects to resume throwing in three months. Just in time for Spring Training.

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Instead of having her toss the ceremonial first pitch Friday, maybe Los Angeles Dodgers officials should have considered Kristi Yamaguchi to replace that one guy who used to be awesome and somehow starts in center field these days.

Check out eTrue Sport's Raighne Davidson's take on the struggling outfielder.


PETA Would Like an Apology

Though cock fighting is no more cruel and unusual than hoarding chickens into small cages to be butchered... mmmm chicken wings... it is still illegal in the United States. Now New York Mets veteran Pedro Martinez and his idol, Hall of Famer Juan Marichal, are taking some heat for enjoying a little recreational animal-fighting in the Dominican Republic two years ago!

PETA mailed letters to both hurlers and the Commissioner Thursday, demanding a public apology and asking that all big league players and staff be forced to take their animal sensitivity training course.

The Humane Society also chimed in, saying that MLB "should join [them] in condemning Martinez and Marichal for their shameful example."



Bobby Kielty Wants to be My Friend

I forgot I even had a Myspace.

That's right. Bobby Kielty sent me a Myspace friend request, and I promptly became his 101st pal. You can find his page, which I did not read, here. My attention span is like nil when it comes to body builders and their drug-pushing.

Also, I think Kielty, who has now with the Boston Red Sox, has blocked all of his painful memories from his time with the Oakland Athletics. You'll see what I mean when you visit his page, which you should do.

Seriously, believe it when I tell you that the pictures alone are worth a thousand words... of hilarity. However, I am a little disappointed that he hasn't moved me to his top friends yet.

Apparently, all of Twins Nation was spammed alerted, as well.

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Eric Byrnes Doesn't Have a Girlfriend

For those of you who watched the All-Star game Tuesday night, you were treated to non-All-Star Eric Byrnes, all soggy in McCovey Cove with his dog, Bruin.
"You don’t want to get in a fight with me out here guys... I’m pretty intense tonight," Byrnes declared from his kayak.
We love a man who loves his dog, but we almost missed Ichiro's inside-the-parker because the canine-obsessed cameraman was zeroed in on the pup for roughly five minutes, for crying out loud.

*Editor's note: Eric Byrnes may or may not have a girlfriend. For the record, he happens to be one of our favorite characters in the game and one whose balls we like to bust.



In early January, San Diego Padres pitcher Jake Peavy had a minor confrontation with a Mobile Regional Airport security officer that occurred while he was double parked, unloading equipment for a church mission that helps children in the Dominican Republic.

After refusing to move his vehicle and making a comment about "a real cop", Peavy, 25, was arrested and booked at the Mobile County Metro Jail and later released on a $350 bond.

The disorderly conduct charge was dismissed this week on the recommendation of the officer involved and the chief of airport police. Peavy apologized directly to the Airport officer during a meeting with his attorney and a second time at the court hearing.

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