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Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BAT-GIRL!

Good luck trying to get the 1960's Batman theme song out of your heads now. Mwuah ha ha ha ha!

We all know that ladies love them some baseball. And what lady wouldn't want to sit by the dugout by her favorite team, handling their sticks? MLB and Susan G. Komen for the Cure have a contest going right now where babes who love baseball can "go to bat against breast cancer" and be honorary bat girls for their favorite teams on Mothers Day.

One winner per Major League Baseball team will be selected to represent his or her favorite Major League Baseball team as an "Honorary Bat Girl" on Mother's Day. If your favorite team isn't home on Mother's Day, an alternate game will be chosen by Major League Baseball. Yes, I realize that it says "his or her" favorite MLB team - that's exactly what the MLB website says in the rules. Soooo... I guess a guy 18 years of age or older can enter to be a bat girl too.

Want to enter yourself or another amazing lady in your life? Click here. Want to read the rules and the fine print? Click here.

And, because we love you, here is the Batman theme song so you can get it out of your head. You're welcome.



Pink Bats are Tough

these 2008 autographed pink bats will be auctioned off on mlb.comAccording to , an estimated 182,460 cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in American women in 2008 alone. Chances are, you or someone you know has been, or will be affected by the disease. Major League Baseball is trying to make a difference for the third year in a row.

What began two years ago as an expression of charity has become a solid tradition, as baseball will once again celebrate Mother's Day by wielding pink bats.

Partnering with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation, the signed bats will eventually be auctioned off on MLB.com with all proceeds going to fight breast cancer.

Players will again wear pink wristbands and necklaces, along with pink ribbons on their unis. Pink ribbon logos will adorn the bases and home plates (also to be auctioned) and even the dugout lineup cards will be pink.

Furthermore, our buddies over at for each home run hit today. Awesome.

Moms are pretty great. You know, without them, we wouldn't even be around.

Here are a few lovely photos of some of our favorite baseball players' wives and mothers, whom without they'd be totally lost.

This heart-warming story is sure to have you calling your mother to say thanks and I love ya, and this one is always worth another chuckle.

Also, if you're wondering what it's like to be a female sports blogger, check out an interview I was honored to be a part of, alongside a woman with actual journalistic credentials, at .


It's All About the Pink

The fellas over at have put together an informative post about the special happenings around Major League Baseball on Mother's Day.

For every homer hit on May 13th (that's Mother's Day, people) the boys at Home Run Derby will donate $10 to the , right along with MLB's donations.

Many players will again swing pink bats that day, which will in turn be auctioned off for profit of the nation’s leading breast cancer awareness and research organization.

Pay the Derby boys a visit to see how you could help or just spread the word!