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The Miami Marlins Are at it Again, Sign Mark Buehrle to Four-Year Deal

This is getting out of control really quick. Seriously, who the hell do the Miami Marlins think they are? And where THE HELL are they getting all this money? Man they're being aggressive.

Since signing free agent Mark Buehrle Wednesday afternoon to a four-year, $58 million deal, the team has now spent a total of $191 million on Heath Bell, Jose Reyes and now the long time Chicago White Sox ace. What is happening? If they go out and get C.J. Wilson (who might head to the Los Angeles Angels anyway but you never know) I am literally going to go into shock.

One snippet of news to bring them back down to reality with the rest of baseball: rumor has it the Marlins have moved on from pursuing Albert Pujols, who might just end up sticking around St. Louis after all of this nonsense. Of course, this probably just means they'll go after Prince Fielder. We'll keep you posted.

Buehrle went 13-9 with a 3.59 ERA last season in his 12th year with the White Sox, the only team he's ever known. He's going to be a nice addition to the already amazing starting rotation in Miami, including Josh Johnson, Anibal Sanchez and Ricky Nolasco. Not bad.

Speaking of the White Sox, they piped up Tuesday night and made a trade for closer Sergio Santos, sending reliever Nester Molina to the Toronto Blue Jays, in case that interests you.



THIS Is Why We Love Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie Guillen got tossed last night after a little spat with umpire Joe West. Nothing really new, here people. But after the game, Ozzie had a few choice words for West, which made us giggle. Lots.

The fun started when West called a balk during the second inning, and Ozzie went out to have some words with him. Mark Buerhle may or may not have balked, but Ozzie went out to argue that West was trying to embarrass Buerhle. (After all, he couldn't have been going out to argue the balk call, since that isn't allowed, of course.) Of course, Ozzie got tossed at this point and the game resumes.

West has been known to be a little too big for his umpire britches, and some might say he's got it in for the Sox.


Mark Buehrle Makes History. Again.

BurlyMark Buehrle's badassery knew no bounds for quite a while there. The Chicago White Sox ace set a major league record Tuesday night by retiring 45 straight batters. In a row.

Right on the heels of his perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Buehrle sailed through the first five innings against the Minnesota Twins. He retired the first 17 batters he faced, breaking Jim Barr's 1972 record of 41 which was tied by White Sox reliever Bobby Jenks back in 2007.

His bid for a second consecutive perfect game, which no man has ever done, ended with a walk to Alexi Casilla with two outs in the sixth inning. I found this rather funny, since Casilla is batting like .162 and has no business even being in the big leagues.


Mark Buehrle Can Thank Dewayne Wise

way to go wise

Color me impressed. Mark Buehrle has just thrown the 18th perfect game in major league history.

The Chicago White Sox left-hander tossed 116 pitches and got six Tampa Bay Rays to strike out, but the perfection really came down to one moment: an incredible home-run robbery by outfielder Dewayne Wise with no one out in the ninth.


Sox Want To Stay Burly

The Chicago White Sox agreed Sunday to a four-year, $56 million deal with no-no throwing lefty Mark Buehrle, ending weeks of rotten speculation on whether the ace will stay or go.

Following the 6-3 win over the Minnesota Twins yesterday, Buehrle was spotted canoodling with manager Ozzie Guillen and random teammates like JI-
in the dugout.

The three-time All-Star could have opted for free agency after this season, considering the no-trade clause the Sox were refusing to enter into the contract language. He still didn't get what he wanted, but there are compensating provisions like no-trading for the first season and if he is traded during the second, third or fourth years, his annual salary will go from $14 million to $15 million.

Buehrle, 28, is 6-4 this season with a 3.03 ERA, striking out 70 batters and walking 22 over 17 contests. He is a rather large asset to a team that is entering the All-Star break with a 39-47 record, sitting a miserable 13 games behind the red hot division-leading Cleveland Indians.

Buehrle is a career 103-70 with a 3.77 ERA.

[Foul Balls]


We Still Love You, Mark Buehrle

Chicago White Sox hurler Mark Buehrle said yesterday there is absolutely no animosity between him and catcher A.J. Pierzynski, even after he acted a fool in our interview.

Buehrle defended back-up catcher Toby Hall on Sunday after A.J. voiced his disappointment on a Chicago radio show about Hall being chosen over him for the starting duty in the Interleague opener against the Chicago Cubs. Buehrle told the Chicago Tribune:
I think it is disrespecting Toby. It's kind of saying: 'You can't do your job.' I don't see where he has to be in there just because it's a big rivalry. That doesn't matter. He needs a day off.


Under The Bleachers

We caught up with Mark Buehrle after his recent no-hitter to ask him how it felt to be a star for a day.

Sooze: Hey, Mark! Thanks for sitting down with us.

Mark: Have you guys ever met my friend A.J. Pierzynski?

Lizzy: No, we haven't had the pleasure.

A.J.: I'll give you the pleasure.

Sooze: So... Mark, how did you feel after your no-no?

Mark: You know, it was really great --

A.J. loves getting punched in the faceA.J.: Have you girls ever "done it"?

Lizzy: Done it?

A.J.: You know, with each other?

Sooze: Wouldn't you like to know.

Lizzy: We've actually never met each other, Mark.

A.J.: He brought me along cause he's shy around girls...

Mark: Shut up dude, you practically begged me to come along.

Lizzy: Back to that no-hitter --

A.J.: I totally called that no-no. I was in the dugout talking crap to Jim Thome and I was all, "Burly's totally gonna have a perfect game." Then he walked Sammy and Jim hit me in the face. He hurt me, see? (points to his misshapen melon)

Sooze: Let me see that (smack!)

A.J.: Ouch!

Mark: You're always such a baby.

so scrappyA.J.: Nu-UH! Did you see me take down Eckstein on Pay-Per-view? I kicked that midget's ass!

Lizzy: David Eckstein is not a midget.

Sooze: That's right, he's just vertically challenged.

Mark: Ahh, plus that whole thing was set up.

A.J.: Whatever.

Mark: I felt great after my no-hitter. But what really matters is that we won the game as a team.

A.J.: I totally had a hit in that game.

Mark: God, A.J. you're always trying to steal my thunder! You're hitting like, .195 this season!

Lizzy: Yeah, you suck.

A.J.: I totally --

Sooze: I think that's all the time we have for today guys. Thanks again.


The quote of the day goes to Mark Buehrle:
What just happened?
It was 42 degrees outside and nearly 9:15 at night. Chicago White Sox starter Mark Buehrle (1-0, 2.08 ERA) had just polished off the first no-hitter of his career against the Texas Rangers, ending in a 6-0 victory.

The 28-year-old lefty allowed only a fifth-inning walk to Sammy Sosa, before promptly picking him off at first.

Amid the ninth inning chaos, with no one daring to utter the N-word, Buehrle zeroed in on the outside corner for a 90-mph fastball to freeze Matt Kata looking for the first out. Then he pulled the string on Nelson Cruz for the second out, his eighth K of the evening. Gerald Laird's soft grounder ended the game and the beer-shower from his teammates was imminent.

Jim Thome went 2-for-2 with 2 RBIs, So Taguchi had a 2-for-4 evening with a run scored and Jermaine Dye hit a Grand Slam in the fifth... completely overshadowed by Buehrle's spectacular pitching performance.