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Kevin Youkillis Lands on the DL with a Bad Back

The Boston Red Sox placed Kevin Youkilis on the 15-day disabled list Thursday with a sore back, from AAA to take his spot on the roster and act as designated hitter against the Kansas City Royals.

Youkilis had already missed a bunch games over the last week due to the injury, and looked like a crippled elderly woman during Wednesday's game against the Tampa Bay Rays. Manager Terry Francona said after watching that fiasco, the team finally decided to shut him down.


Kevin Face-Muff Ruins Haren's Debut

Thanks a lot, Kevin Youkilis.

Dan Haren's debut in an Angels uniform was cut short on Monday night thanks to a line drive to the fore arm from Kevin "I-have-a-mound-of-pubes-on-my-face" Youkilis in the 5th inning.

The former Diamondbacks pitcher struck out eight batters and had only given up two runs before leaving the game with the injury. He was credited with the loss, as the Halos were trailing 2-1 when he left the game. Boston ultimately won the contest 6-3.


Rick Porcello Is a Badass

Take that, beardface. Nobody charges the hill when Rick Porcello is on it, apparently.

Curtsy to The World of Isaac for the goodness, while it lasts!

Update: Porcello and Youkilis were each suspended for five games after the fracas.


Spring Fever: WBC Dominance

We've seen this sort of thing before during All-Star games. It's unsettling, unnerving, and just plain wrong. Yet, there's something about Yankees and Red Sox players high-fiving eachother that pulls on the heart strings. It's opposing sides united for the cause. It's a beautiful thing.

Even youngster Dustin Pedroia is in on it, hanging a poster of Derek Jeter’s deodorant ad in his locker.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am thankful for my family, my friends, Sooze and the rest of the Babes, and all of you.

I can't pretend that I am not thankful the face muff is gone from Youkilis' face. I also won't pretend I think it is an improvement. Since it was for charity, however, I tip my glass of Cold Duck to you this Thanksgiving, Kevin.

That's right. No child within a 50 mile radius of Anaheim is safe. Vladamir Guerrero is in the playoffs and therefore, needs extra fuel to thoroughly destroy the Red Sox. You didn't know? He eats babies. That's not a wad of chew or bubble gum in his mouth, those are baby giblets.

And he's gonna need that extra bit of oomph, if he wants to defeat Youkilis's face-muff. What IS that thing anyway?
In other playoff news... Brew Crew disappoints, Wrigleyville is crying in their beer.

Hopefully, tomorrow we can write about some kind of altercation in Tampa involving A.J. getting punched in the face again.


Oh How The Red Sox Make Us Laugh

So last night's Yankees/Red Sox game was an ass-kicking. A pounding that I happened to be in attendance for.

Rather than spend an entire post sucking the Yankees' lollipops (cue the "They won a game. Big deal." comments), I'll just provide you with some of the comedic moments the Red Sox so graciously provided for us last night.

Cue the music...

If I could ever love a Red Sox (Sock? Soc? Sok? What's the singular for Red Sox? Oh, Suck. Gotcha.)...

Swing and a foul....and a fall...

Manny being Manny...which is pretty much like Dumb being Dumber...

Many, many thanks to Intentional Foul and Awful Announcing for help in getting these clips. We who are about to laugh salute you.

Goodbye, Yukon Youkilis

Kevin YoukilisThree seasons after Johnny Damon lost his Captain Caveman 'do for charity, Boston Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis shaved off his goatee for a $5,000 donation to his charity, youkskids.org.

Youk says he plans to re-grow his beard in the offseason and hopefully cut it off again if the Red Sox win another World Series in 2008.

"Hopefully, we'll do this again next year," he said.
[Bugs and Cranks]


Manny Ramirez, back from a strained left side muscle, singled in his first at-bat after missing 24 games, pumping up the home crowd who has watched their team drop six of their last nine games.

Kevin Youkilis returned from a seven-game absence, recovering from a bruised right wrist he suffered when hit by Chien-Ming Wang pitch.

And Curt Schilling, who hadn't won for more than a month, earned the victory as the Boston Red Sox beat the Oakland Athletics 7-3 Tuesday night. The veteran allowed just one run on six hits over six innings with no walks and six strikeouts.

Less than an hour later, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays rallied to beat the New York Yankees 7-6 in extras, lowering Boston's magic number to three to win the AL East for the first time in 12 years.

The win pushed the Red Sox lead to three games over the Yanks with five games remaining for both teams.




Oh yes. They'll give just about anyone an MLBlog nowadays.

Just kidding. Kevin Youkilis is the man over in Beantown. Who better to blog about his awesomeness than the man himself?

A snippet...
Maybe we can finally put all of this “Kevin Youkilis can’t run” stuff to rest now. Ever since I was drafted I’ve been labeled as someone who can’t run well and I’ve been determined to prove that I can get around the bases. Now, after hitting my first inside-the-park home run last night, maybe the doubters out there will have second thoughts.
Good stuff. It's an official MLBlog rivalry between Youkilis and Curt Schilling. May the best man get the most comments.

Hat tip, Ian of SOX & Dawgs.

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