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The Rangers are Headed to St. Louis to take on the Cardinals in the World Series

At last, the Rally Claw meets the . Wonder who would win in a bench-clearing brawl...

The Texas Rangers didn't have to wait very long to see who they'd end up facing in the 2011 World Series. Just a day after they beat the Detroit Tigers to punch their ticket to the Fall Classic, the St. Louis Cardinals emerged victorious in Game 6 to send the Milwaukee Brewers packing for the offseason.

This matchup is going to be pretty awesome, pitting All-Star sluggers Josh Hamilton against Albert Pujols, while guys like Nelson Cruz and David Freese have become household names as Championship Series MVP's. Then there's the relief corps, which can clearly handle just about any task put in their paths as the starters from both sides have been less than reliable recently.


On This Date...

On this date in 1926, Babe Ruth pulled a stunt at Mitchell Field in New York, catching a baseball that was dropped from an airplane traveling at 250 feet.

That was probably super awesome. Someone should recreate that moment. Kenny Rogers perhaps?

Or not... he's just the only recent gold-glove pitcher besides Greg Maddux and Mike Mussina I can think of at the moment... and neither of them are as fat as The Gambler.

You Gotta Know When to Fold 'Em

Two weeks after firing his agent, Scott Boras, Kenny Rogers has agreed to that will keep his veteran presence in the Detroit Tigers rotation for one more year.

The 43-year-old lefty went 3-4 with a 4.43 ERA in 11 starts last year before surgery to remove a blood clot from his left shoulder shortened his season. He landed back on the DL later in the year with elbow inflammation, but feels he is more than ready to bring his A game to the hill in 2008.

Over 19 big league seasons, the Gambler is 210-143 with a 4.19 ERA with four trips to the Midsummer Classic and five Gold Gloves.


Gambler Takes Shot at Self-Representation

The GamblerAfter all of the nonsense surrounding Scott Boras, veteran free agent Kenny Rogers has had enough. Saturday, he decided it was time to represent himself and fired his money-hungry agent.

Since Rogers' career speaks for itself, an agent isn't really a necessity. He's more than likely going to stick around Detroit rather than be shopped around to the highest bidder by Boras, who was snubbed earlier in the week by New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez.

After helping his club reach the 2006 World Series, the 43-year-old lefty was 3-4 with a 4.43 ERA during an injury-shortened season in which he had arteries repaired and a blood clot removed from his pitching shoulder.

Over 19 seasons in the big leagues, Rogers -- a four-time All-Star and five-time Gold Glover -- is 210-143 with a 4.43 ERA.

[Detroit Free Press]


The Detroit Tigers Need a Giant Band-Aid

The Detroit Tigers placed their often-quoted designated hitter, Gary Sheffield on the 15-day disabled list Monday with a sore shoulder that has apparently caused his sec0ond-half slump.

Batting just .220 with three homers and 13 RBIs since the All-Star break, Shef is just one piece of the banged-up puzzle.

The club also put highly-touted Curacaoan righty Jair Jurrjens on the DL with right shoulder inflammation. They replaced him with right-hander Zach Miner from the AAA Toledo Mud Hens.

Outfielder Timo Perez, who was recalled from AAA to replace Sheffield, played in three games for the Tigers last month, and had one hit in seven plate appearances. He was hitting .309 batting average with 13 longballs and 69 RBIs for the Mud Hens this season.

Veteran lefty Kenny Rogers, who started out the season on the DL, is still out with an injured pitching elbow. He threw a bullpen session Sunday.

Through all of this, the Tigers still trail the AL Central-leading Cleveland Indians by just 2.5 games and are sitting 4 behind the Wild Card-leading Seattle Mariners.

[Detroit News]


Kenny Rogers: Know When To Fold 'Em

The Detroit Tigers placed veteran lefty Kenny Rogers on the 15-day disabled list Sunday for his nap time with elbow inflammation, retroactive to Thursday.

The Gambler is 3-2 with a 5.23 ERA in six starts this season after missing the first 71 games recovering from offseason surgery to repair arteries and remove a blood clot from his pitching shoulder.

This stint marks just the third time the 42-year-old hurler has been on the DL in his 19-year career.

In a related move, Jordan Tata will be recalled from the AAA Toledo Mud Hens today in time to make his first big league start against the Oakland Athletics in Rogers' place.

The 25-year-old righty made eight poor relief appearances for the Tigers last season, allowing 10 runs in only 14.2 innings.

Psst! Hey Ladies....

Things Kenny Rogers is good at:

  • being a jerk

  • looking stupid

  • falling asleep

  • shoving people with cameras

  • cheating

  • poker

  • 7.26.2007

    Ballplayers Anonymous: a Guide for Old, Washed-Up Big Leaguers

    In light of Randy Johnson's apparent inability to say no to baseball (two back surgeries and he's still considering playing?!) we've formed a support group for middle-aged ballplayers - mainly hurlers - who can't seem to quit the game without help.

    If you have found this post and are feeling a lot like the Big Unit, please. Read on. We're here to help you overcome your addiction and start the Twelve Step road to recovery.

    First, you must admit that you are powerless over baseball and that your health and control have become unmanageable. It's the first and hardest step on your journey to wellness.

    Look around your club house. Your catcher was born the year you graduated high school, your manager is younger than you and there's been roughly 17 mph shaved off your fastball over the last two decades. It's time, and you're not alone.

    Sure, you can man-handle the Devil Rays and even toss a quality start every now and then, but you're not the ace you once were. Admit it for your own well-being.

    Next, you must make a searching and fearless inventory of your locker. What have you got in there? You're not going to take those steroids are you? That is so 1987. Who is that picture of ... Cindy Crawford?! Throw all that crap away right now, it's not helping you move on into your 40s.

    Admitting to the media and to yourself the exact nature of your addiction can be difficult and intimidating. You can do this! Just look right into the camera and say something about how great your career has been, but it's time you move on and say goodbye to baseball.

    You've come this far, but now you must be entirely ready to hang up your cleats. It's time to put your used gamewear on the Ebays. You're gonna need the extra dough since you've spent your yearly salary on hookers and blow family outings over the past several years.

    To ease the pain of life without BP and fandom, try finding a hobby that will keep your mind off the crack of the bat. Lots of former big leaguers take up golf, fishing, paintball or God stuff. Do what's best suited for you, but don't result in managing or analysis if you're an idiot.

    If you have any doubts about this last step, please consult someone who will always be honest with you. Your wife for instance, if she hasn't left yet.

    Now that you've officially retired and are on the way to a happy life as a former major league baseball player, do not under any circumstances, relapse. Returning to the game can be tempting, but it may also be detrimental to your prior career; the image your fans have of your prime is at stake. A comeback can mean absolute disaster.

    It's a lot like when you see your high school sweetheart and she has 5 kids and a gut the size of a quarter barrel. It's just unfortunate, and no one wishes that upon anyone.

    Now, get out there are play the back nine instead of going 0-for-9.

    You'll thank us later!