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Cubs: The Riot Last Loser in Arbitration

The eighth and final player entered arbitration Friday and the panel of arbitrators wasted no time declaring their decision right away on Saturday.

With the Chicago Cubs beating Ryan Theriot, he’ll earn $2.6 million this season rather than the $3.4 million he requested. The shortstop, who made just $500,000 last season, batted .284 with seven home runs, 54 RBIs and 21 steals in 30 tries.

I like the way Theriot handled this. It reminds me of that old trick from high school: You need $10 for gas (okay, gas was a lot cheaper when I was in high school) so you ask Dad for $20. Instead of parting with a twenty, he tells you to get a god damn job and hands you a $10 bill instead. Dad thinks he’s taught you a lesson, and you have the $10 you needed.

At least, I think that’s what Theriot was trying to...

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Two Bombs Are Better Than One

Torii tried to quiet doubters with two bombs
Among whispers of lack of performance and no All-Star vote for Torii Hunter during his first season with the Los Angeles Angels, the center fielder made some noise Monday.

Torii went 3-for-5 with 3 RBIs, smoking not one, but two longballs in his team's 9-6 victory over the Texas Rangers. Since landing a five-year deal with the Halos in the offseason, he has hit .272 with 42 RBIs, but had driven in just one run over his past 15 games.

This could be a sign of a second-half push for Hunter, or just another case of poor Rangers pitching... considering Jeff Mathis hit one off Luis Mendoza as well.

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