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Grady Sizemore Gives Up on Free Agency, Returns to Cleveland Indians

Grady Sizemore tested out the free agency market for a few weeks, but returned to the Cleveland Indians on Wednesday. Right where he belongs. That sound you just heard was the collective sigh of relief from Grady's Ladies.

Just a month after the Indians declined his $9 million option for 2012, the two sides agreed to terms on a one-year, incentive-based contract. Hopefully the three-time All-Star center fielder stays mildly healthy so he can bring in more than the $5 million base salary promised by Cleveland. He can earn another $4 million for plate appearances, and if he's really good -- like American League Comeback Player of the Year good -- he'll earn another $500,000.

Last season, the 29-year-old Sizemore played in only 71 games, landing on the disabled list three times before eventually undergoing knee surgery on October 3. All in all, he has had five surgeries in just the past two years, participating in only 210 games in three seasons due to injury. Over his eight-year career with the Tribe, he has a .269 lifetime batting average.

It would be pretty sweet for Cleveland if he could actually contribute next season. All signs point to the team attempting some sort of contention, with last season's acquisition of Colorado Rockies ace Ubaldo Jimenez at the July 31 trade deadline and the offseason trade for veteran right-hander Derek Lowe for starters.

If all else fails, Sizemore could always fall back on his male modeling career. No, we're not going to let that one go.

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Looking Back on 3,000 Posts

Welcome to our 3,000th post. Man, that's a lot of baseball blogging. It's like we never shut up!

We've had lots of laughs, done some fantastic interviews, seen writers come and go, and had pretty great contests and giveaways. Obviously, we need to take this opportunity to look back at some of our favorite posts. Ah, the good old days...

We got super lazy and decided to write all 30 team previews in haiku form.

There were a ton of elderly pitchers back in 2007. Naturally, we created a 12-Step support group for them.

There's really nothing quite like sitting around thinking of who would make the best mistresses for random Major League Baseball players. So that's what we did.

Remember when Josh Hamilton was busted licking whipped cream off a young lady's chest? We were hard at it that day.

Grady Sizemore gives us all an early Christmas gift by snapping sexytime pics of himself in some sort of dressing room...as if we checked out the background.

This One is for the Ladies

This one goes out to all of our female readers, and anyone else who enjoys objectifying ballplayers, of course.

Be patient: due to it's awesomeness, this video may take a few seconds to load. Just refresh the page if you can't keep your pants on. Happy Holidays!


Season Previews: Cleveland Indians

With Spring Training games starting this week, it's time for one of our favorite things in all the world: Season Previews. Three years ago, they began as a semi-serious analysis and ended up as half-assed haiku. We're just gonna go with what we know. Continuing on with our preview of the American League Central, here's Melissa with the Cleveland Indians.

I think that I shall never see
a tea mug lovely as Grady's...

Oh, wait - we're supposed to do haiku. Never mind.

Tribe fans all want to
wipe '09 from history books,
forget it ever happened.


Grady Sizemore is Sorry About That

Grady Sizemore has publicly addressed last November's nude photo scandal that shocked all of Cleveland, Ohio and some of the rest of the country, apologizing to his fans and the organization for the "embarrassment" it has caused.

Grady, you have nothing to be ashamed of, but hopefully you've learned a valuable lesson here: Never, ever, under any circumstances, email, picture-mail, snail-mail, or fax risque photos of yourself. They could be used against you in the future by scorned old flames or ex-wives. Or... of course, they could be "stolen from your email account."

Does anyone actually believe that?

Speaking of shamelessness, we were "part of the problem" when we posted the Indians' center fielder's Myspacey Sexytime self portraits here on Babes Love Baseball. We are not sorry. Or embarrassed.

The three-time All-Star underwent offseason elbow and abdomen surgeries and has been given the go-ahead by his doctors who say Sizemore won't have any limitations when training camp opens in a few weeks.
"I’ve been hitting and throwing and lifting and running and looking sexy everything has felt good," he said.
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Merry Christmas Ladies: Grady Sizemore Poses Half Naked for You

Hey there! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, I know I did. Anyway, if you're a woman (...or a gay man) and a baseball fan, there's no doubt you've heard about the sexy myspace-style bathroom pictures of Grady Sizemore which were stolen from his inbox.

If you haven't seen them yet, it's our pleasure to bring the beauties to your attention. Here's one to wet your whistle, and here's the rest. Let this be a lesson to all you guys and gals out there who are considering emailing risque photos of yourself to your significant other. DUMB IDEA. Unless you'd like other folks to possibly see them someday.

P.S. To those of you who've already come to the brilliant conclusion that we are horrible people for stooping so low as to objectify the Cleveland Indians centerfielder, I say... it's not the first time, and it most certainly won't be the last.

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The Real Top Ten Hottest Players In Baseball

Hands down the hottest player in the game. I'll fight you on this one.I'm a woman who has been accused of being more passionate about baseball than I am about boyfriends.

That may be true, but it doesn't mean I'm unable to spot a smokin' hot baseball player when I see one.

An unidentified Fox Sports analyst has recently come up with a list of the Top 10 Hottest Baseball Players, in slideshow format. What the requirements were to land on this list, I have no idea. It's so incredibly wrong in so many ways, I felt the need to speak out about it.

Jimmy Rollins, Barry Zito and Ichiro Suzuki as your top three? Umm, no.

Continue reading this story at Fantasy Pros 911.


Grady Sizemore Just Got 30% Hotter

Grady's ladies are 30% more hotter too
Grady Sizemore hit his 30th home run Monday night, becoming the second Cleveland Indians player to hit at least 30 bombs and steal 30 bases in a single season.

Sizemore, who led off the game against the Detroit Tigers and took the second pitch he saw into the visitor's bullpen at Comerica, became the first 30/30 player this season and the first American Leaguer since Alfonso Soriano (Texas Rangers) in 2005.

The other Tribe member to accomplish the feat was Joe Carter in 1987, when he had 32 longballs and 31 steals.

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Sweet Pipes, Captain Cheeseburger

What other time is it alright for grown men to douse eachother in champagne?

Grady's Ladies have never been happier. Sizemore set the pace with a leadoff homer on a 2-for-3 night for the Cleveland Indians as they advanced to the American League Championship Series with a 6-4 victory over the New York Yankees, who will now brace themselves for what is sure to be a tumultuous time.

Congratulations, Cleveland and welcome to Beantown.

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