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It's All Zito's Fault... That Lush!

Remember five years ago? Me neither. I bet we all remember when the 2002 All-Star game ended early for no apparent reason, though.

From Peter Gammons...

As it turns out, the reason the 2002 All-Star Game ended up tied was that a pitcher on one of the two teams was imbibing in the clubhouse and was not in condition to pitch, hence the game ended.

And that's how home-field advantage is decided in the World Series, not by regular-season excellence.
Interesting point, Peter. AOL Sport Editor Andrew Johnson puts it all together for us. He says...
It's pretty fishy that Joe Torre would pull [Barry] Zito, a starter, after only three pitches, one out, one batter, and one actual strike, and furthermore replace him with another southpaw.
So, was he drunk? Given his reputation as a party animal/total weirdo, anything is possible.

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Sweet Mugshot, La Russa

If this story doesn't make your day, I don't know what will.

Tony La Russa was arrested Thursday night after police found him passed out drunk at a stop light in his SUV.

Two Jupiter, Florida undercover police officers found the 62-year-old St. Louis Cardinals manager parked partly in an intersection, his vehicle running with his foot on the brake around midnight. After he failed to go through two green lights, the cops knocked on his window, but he did not respond.

When he eventually woke up, the officers asked him to get out of the car. La Russa was then hauled in on a drunken driving charge after taking two breath tests with a blood alcohol content of .093%, just a bit over the legal limit of .08%.

He was arrested and booked at the Palm Beach County jail on the misdemeanor, then was released at about 8:30 a.m. after posting a $500 cash bond. By now, he's either sleeping it off or getting bitched at by his wife.

La Russa is a four-time manager of the year and led the Cardinals to a World Series championship last season. He also won the title in 1989 with the Oakland Athletics and has won three other pennants. His 2,297 wins over 28 seasons with the Chicago White Sox, A's and Cardinals is third all-time. Now he can add Idiot Drunk Driver to his resume.

Editor's Note: In all seriousness, driving drunk is one of the most retarded things a person can do. We hope Mr. La Russa won't take this lightly and never get busted again.



Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Gustavo Chacin got kinda drunk Friday night. Then, like an idiot, drove his car. He got busted: arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

The real question is, was he wearing those sweet shades?

Chacin was stopped by Tampa police early Friday morning and registered a blood-alcohol content of .150 and .152 in two consecutive readings. He actually became more intoxicated just standing there. The state limit is .08, so he was booked for a misdemeanor and released from jail on a $500 bond.

GM J.P. Ricciardi and manager John Gibbons are both 100% behind Chacin. "He made a mistake and we want to work with him, not against him," said Ricciardi.

The left-hander went 9-4 last season with a 5.05 ERA, but missed more than two months due to problems with his elbow. Chacin is 23-14 in 53 career outings.



Bon Voyage!

Sooze will be out of commission most of the weekend, so if you're lucky, the loverly Lizzy may grace you with a post or two.

And if anyone asks, I was with you.


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