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Babes Love Charity Events

A Major League Baseball player's job isn't always to hit a fastball out of the park, or make a spectacular game saving catch. Some of their best work is done outside of the ballpark. Many players get involved with charities and community events, and they don't get nearly enough credit for doing so. That being said, Babes Love Baseball would like to tell you about - and commend - Denard Span and Orlando Hudson from the Minnesota Twins, along with Friends of St. Paul Baseball, for the upcoming "Twins & Pins Bowling Classic."

The folks who brought you the Mauer Golf Tournament and the Molitor Golf Classic are doing it again, this time they're hoping for lots of strikes - on the bowling lanes. Hosted by Orlando Hudson and Denard Span, members of the Minnesota Twins are signing up to participate in the Twins & Pins Bowling Classic to raise money for charity, and you can join them. The Classic will be on Thursday, July 29th at 7pm at the Brunswick Zone XL in Brooklyn Park, MN, and there are still spots open for you to participate as well.