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Jim Joyce Banned from Armando Galarraga Games

Exactly a year after Armando Galarraga was robbed of a perfect game by a Jim Joyce screwup, Major League Baseball has declared a new rule in which the umpire will not be allowed to officiate any of the pitcher's games ever again.

On June 2, 2010, the Detroit Tigers righty was just one out away from making history. However, instead of correctly calling Cleveland Indians' Jason Donald out at first base, Galarraga was forced to get the next out and settle for a complete game shutout. Definitely not as awesome as a perfect game.

After the game, Joyce apologized for getting it wrong and literally almost started bawling over the whole ordeal, tearing up as he handed the lineup card to the pitcher before the following day's contest. It's cool. We'd cry too if we fucked up that big in front of millions of people then had our mistake aired on MLB Network, Sportscenter, newspapers, and every sports blog on the entire internet for like a week straight.

Babes Love Baseball's Top 10 MLB Stories of 2010

It was a hell of a season. In case you've forgotten what was so great about it in the aftermath of yet another year when your team did not win the World Series, here is a list of the Top 10 things that we believe made the 2010 baseball season wonderful, memorable, and oftentimes hilarious. In no particular order.

10. Suffering from Over the Hill Syndrome, Ken Griffey Jr. nodded off in the clubhouse and slept right through a pinch hit appearance. A few weeks later, The Kid retired after 21 illustrious seasons in the game. [Not Now Kids, Grandpa's Trying to Nap]

9. The New York Yankees failed miserably at acquiring the studly Cliff Lee. High fives all around. [Cliff Lee Reunites with the Philadelphia Phillies]


Corvettes Make Everything Better

Armando Galarraga may have been robbed blind of a perfect game Wednesday evening, but General Motors has helped him heal the pain.

The company decided that the Detroit Tigers righty's 28-out perfecto was impressive enough, and presented him with a spankin' new 2010 red Chevy Corvette convertible on Thursday. That's a pretty badass consolation prize. What the hell kind of car would he have gotten if he really had pitched a perfect game?

Also, Galarraga officially won't have to buy his teammates gifts of appreciation, since Commissioner Bud Selig has decided to let the pure element of human error stand. Maybe he can take them all for a spin instead.

[Huffington Post]


Screw You, Jim Joyce

Armanda Galarrago was just one out from making history: his very first perfect game (which would've miraculously marked the third of this season and the 21st ever) with two down and Jason Donald at the plate.

Sadly, first base umpire Jim Joyce called Donald safe on a bang-bang play, and the Detroit Tigers righty will now have to settle for a one-hit shut out by a score of 3-0 over the Cleveland Indians, regardless of his perfect performance and a ridiculous, Willie Mays-style game-saver by outfielder Austin Jackson that marked the first out of the ninth.

It was announced Monday after the 8-2 debacle against the White Sox that the Detroit Tigers' pitching coach Chuck Hernandez, and bullpen coach Jeff Jones, have been canned like last year's harvest.

When asked to comment what new voice could reach the pitchers, the ever direct Leyland replied dryly, "I would have to say, at least one of the apostles."

Good one, skipper.

The pitching rotation experienced difficulties from the beginning. After spending $29 million on a 3-year contract with Dontrelle Willis, he walked 21 batters in 11 1/3 innings in his second start after coming off the DL with a hyper-extended left knee. Ouch.


Back Off, Eh

After getting thrown at twice Monday night in retaliation for Carlos Guillen getting the brushback from a Glen Perkins "fastball", Joe Mauer gave the staredown and took two steps toward Detroit Tigers righty Armando Galarraga.

I loved this quote from Man Muscles, so Minnesota Nice.
"I thought it was unnecessary, especially the second one," he said. "But I guess that’s the way it goes, ya know?"
You betcha.

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