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With the new MLB season underway, albeit still in its infancy, it is interesting to look at how the pre-season favorites with the bookies are faring now that the action has started. Certainly there is little question that the New York Yankees were considered one of the hot favorites on paper – for both the American League pennant and World Series – before the season started, but they have undoubtedly slipped down the odds rankings since then. They are now rated 7/1 for the American League and 14/1 for the World Series on many sites.

Clearly this hardly makes them a rank outsider bet for either title, but it does show how things can change once the play actually starts, and why futures’ betting is a risky game. The side now at the top of the bookies odds for the World Series are the Detroit Tigers, at 8/1, and given their AL pennant win last season and strong start to the new campaign, they are likely to be a popular bet for any punter who wants to play it reasonably safe. The problem is that betting futures at such an early stage of the season is always very risky, and there is potentially a lot to gain and little to lose from holding fire to see how things progress; especially when there are alternatives like baseball themed slot machines at online casino sites to play while you do.

Probably the best of these baseball slots games is Hot Shot, which offers a lot of the features that have contributed to the popularity of slots, e.g. cheap and easy game play, and a very good chance of securing a payout with an impressive baseball theme at all levels. The backdrop for Hot Shot is a baseball field, while the reel icons are of typical sights like pitchers, hitters, catchers’ gloves and baseball hats. Furthermore when you score a winning reel, this will be accompanied by the sound of a bat hitting a baseball, while reels containing the scatter symbol (the trophy) are sound tracked by roars of approval from the crowd. All in all, Hot Shot is an exciting and atmospheric game, and an ideal way to mix betting and baseball while you wait to place your World Series bets.

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