Johan Santana Makes History for the New York Mets with First No-Hitter

Johan Santana has thrown the first *no hitter in New York Mets history. Or maybe the 36th one-hitter in Mets history. Either way.

Aided by an incredible catch out in left by hometown hero Mike Baxter and a blunder by the third base umpire, the 33-year-old lefty managed to squeeze out an 8-0 no-hit victory over the St. Louis Cardinals Friday night.

Carlos Beltran, who was enjoying his first game back at Citi Field since the Mets traded him last July, hit a liner over third base in the sixth that hit the foul line and probably should have been called fair, but whoopsie, it was ruled foul... and the rest is literally history.

Santana, who was more or less just hoping to stay healthy this season, wound up striking out eight and walking five while credited with the first no-hitter in the entire 51-season, 8,020 game-history of the New York Mets. Pretty special... and fortunate that there's not more instant replay involved in the game.

[Amazin' Avenue]

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