Jamie Moyer Becomes the Oldest Man to Ever Win a Ballgame

Jamie Moyer is headed to the Hall of Fame... or at least his glove is, as the oldest pitcher to earn a big league victory.

The 49-year-old left-hander, who will turn the big 5-0 on November 18, tossed seven solid innings Tuesday to help the Colorado Rockies beat the San Diego Padres 5-3. Relying heavily on his not-so-fast fastball and a cutter that's still pretty nice, Moyer surrendered two unearned runs on six hits to pick up his 268th career win, tying him with Hall of Famer Jim Palmer for 34th on the all-time list.

Opposing manager Bud Black (just five years older than Moyer) had this to say about the geezer:

''It's a great story... It's wonderful that he's continued to get the results needed to stay in the major leagues. This is a performance-driven game and the last 15 years of his career have been outstanding.''

Moyer got a call from Cooperstown after the victory, asking for his glove, the ball, or something to commemorate the record for being old as hell (in baseball years) and still able to bring it. In fact, he's so old that he's been asked to be a baseball historian.



Anonymous said...

The only reason he's still pitching is because he has to financially... the guy has like 15 kids lol.