Baseball Madness: From the Depths of the Cactus League

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Ahh multitasking. Streaming March Madness on my iPhone, watching the D'backs rout the Cubs and sipping a Sierra Nevada. Tough day at the office. In fact let's get another beer and take this efficiency to another level.

Speaking of sweet gigs, how does one go about getting a job like Manny Ramirez? $500k this season to babysit Yoenis Cespedes, and not even for a full season? Just 2/3 of the year and some Spring Ball. Manny's kickin' back, keeping tabs on the little guy (Cespedes at 210 lbs is not little) and downing some women's estrogen pills. Hey, it's good being an Oakland A. Well, except for that whole paying for soda in the clubhouse thing.

If the regular season is anything like the craziness of this Spring, we are in for a special treat. The Oakland A's at 10-3 have the Cactus League's best record (who would've thunk it?). We already knew the Giants could pitch, but now they can hit. (Royals kicking themselves over that Melky Cabrera trade). Troy Tulowitzki is suddenly an actor. (Probably for the better since the Rockies are terrible). C.J. Wilson gets pitching tips from Kate Upton. (I would too). And Yu Darvish is human. (Maybe).

3 things I'm hoping to see before the A's and Mariners head to Japan: #1) Jurickson Profar and or Mike Trout in action. #2) Trevor Bauer win a starting job in Arizona. #3) Andrew "Cash Money" Cashner hit 104 on the radar gun. He's already done 103. What's another 1MPH, Cash? Rear back and fire it in there. Who cares if you drill someone in the ribs? If your GM, Josh Byrnes, has a problem with it, you have him email me.

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