Prince Fielder and Scott Boras May Have Overplayed their Hands

Milwaukee Brewers All-Star first baseman Prince Fielder remains unsigned with spring training set to start in less than 2 months and it appears as if he may be forced to return to the Milwaukee Brewers for the 2012 season. While Fielder’s return would make the Brewers one of the favorites in MLB betting lines to win the National League pennant in 2012, the question does remain open as to whether or not he would have sufficient motivation after expecting the Brinks truck to arrive after his best season ever in 2011 in which the Brewers won their first division title since 1982.

Fielder’s agent is known stick up man Scott Boras, who is hated by MLB owners and loved by players for his ability to command top dollar for his clients, even if it is not always accomplished with polish and good manners.

Fielder’s predicament is also part of the worst possible timing. American League teams such as the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, who would figure to love having the poor fielding Prince as their designated hitter, do not have any need or room on their already power packed rosters for yet another high priced slugger. The one team that did have such a need, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, signed Fielder’s main competitor for superstar first baseman status in Albert Pujols, who led the St. Louis Cardinals to a National League Championship Series win over Fielder’s Brewers and on to a World Series championship against the Texas Rangers. Despite Pujols having a slight drop in overall production compared to his past years with the Cardinals, and despite his being 4 years older than Fielder, he was able to command the riches that Fielder had expected for himself.

What is highly possible is that Fielder could return to the Brewers for a high dollar but short term deal as Milwaukee is primed with one of the best pitching staffs in the league along with a loaded offense to make a run at the pennant over the next year or two before contracts come up and players will likely have to be let go in order to keep payroll in order.

The big question will be whether or not Fielder will be in the right frame of mind to stay home with Milwaukee after expecting top dollar in the off-season.

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