Yorvit Torrealba Shoves Face Mask of Umpire in Venezuela, Suspended 66 Games

Every player knows you can never win an argument over balls and strikes with an umpire. It just doesn't happen. Every player also knows you cannot, under any circumstances, whether intentional or not, touch an umpire. Not only can you not touch an ump, it's certainly not okay to bitch slap one right across the face.

Apparently Yorvit Torrealba didn't get that memo.

While playing for the Leones del Caracas of the Venezuelan League on Friday, the Texas Rangers catcher became slightly upset with the home plate ump. After taking a down-right ugly and embarrassing swing at a breaking ball, he was wrung up and immediately turned to argue. You'd think an 11-year veteran would understand the concept of striking out and just walk away, hoping for a better at bat next time.

But in the passion of the moment, Torrealba bitched and moaned for roughly 15 seconds before doing the unthinkable: the moron shoved the umpire away by hitting him in the face mask. Amazing.

Torrealba was suspended 66 games (a nice round number) for the incident, according to league president . Of course, the backstop feels like a complete ass:

“I wanted to express my sincere apologies to all parties for my actions. I have extended an apology to the Rangers organization as well. I am embarrassed for my conduct, and personally relayed that feeling to the umpire after that night’s game. On the field, I strive to be an example for children, especially those in my native Venezuela, and I regret my actions. I understand the reactions to the incident and will make every effort to set a positive example in the future.”

[ESPN Dallas]


Anonymous said...

What a dick move.

Bassmaster said...


DavidCasey said...

This moron needs to be kicked out of the mlb too. Unacceptable. What was he arguing anyway. He clearly struck out on a ball a little leaguer could have hit.

Anonymous said...

who authored the apology? that is not catcher speak.

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