Tim McCarver Awarded Ford C. Frick Award, You Have Got to Be Joking

Tim McCarver was awarded the Ford C. Frick award for excellence in broadcasting Wednesday morning. Pardon our French, but what the fuck is this world coming to.

[FOX Sports]


Anonymous said...

This has to be some kind of a joke. I'm sure the real winner will be announced later this afternoon.

Megs said...

I laughed super hard when this came across my Twitter timeline. Then I groaned.

Sooze said...

McCarver: "I'm deeply grateful and genuinely humbled by it."

I'm sure you are, Tim... and probably genuinely shocked as well.


Oh dear God. The ONLY thing that makes Tim McCarver tolerable is the fact that when he is talking, it means that a-hole Joe Buck isn't. First Ron Santo gets the "too little too late" vote & now this? Please tell me they meant to say "Marisa Tomei."

boris from downunder said...

Maybe the Ford C Dick award would be more appropriate.

Sooze said...

...or Ford C. Frickin' Annoying

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