Prince Fielder Still a Homeless Free Agent, Where Will He Play in 2012 and Beyond?

It's a little odd that Prince Fielder is still out there on the free agent market. We thought for sure he'd be signed some time during the winter meetings, either before or after the Albert Pujols hoopla. When that didn't happen, we figured he was just being choosy.

A few different teams have been named in the rumor mill, which is full of speculation and lies. We love it.

The Texas Rangers, who clearly have the money to spend after flaunting $51.7 million for rights to negotiates with Yu Darvish and his Nippon Ham Fighters, might be a good fit for the free agent first baseman. First off, The Ballpark in Arlington is a hitter's paradise and Fielder has a huge baseball bat. Second, Mitch Moreland is not Prince Fielder.

Then again, big names in Texas like Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, and Ian Kinsler will have contracts ending in the coming years, and the Rangers need to be prepared to shell out more years and money if they sign Fielder to the long-term deal he's demanding.

Then there's the Seattle Mariners. For any questions you have on why the Mariners would or wouldn't be a nice place for the former Milwaukee Brewers star to call home, please consult this article from Lookout Landing: . Jeff Sullivan answered questions we hadn't even thought of and didn't know existed such as "Is Fielder going to get a big contract? Yes, especially relative to yours." Also, Justin Smoak is not Prince Fielder.

Let's not forget about the lovable losers, those Chicago Cubs. As a former division rival, we would love to see Fielder end up playing first base at Wrigley Field. Then again, we're not die hard Brewers fans. There have been countless reports on the team pursuing him, but there have been countless others to the contrary. Everyone knows general managers and owners are a bunch of liars in the offseason though, so we don't know what to believe. Who knows if anyone from the Windy City has even officially spoken with Fielder or his agent, Scott Boras. But with the loss of first baseman Carlos Pena to free agency, the Cubbies could definitely use the power at the plate. Why are they everyone's mystery team this winter anyway?

There are a few other clubs whose names have been dropped into the rumor mill, such as the Toronto Blue Jays and Washington Nationals. Here's the thing though. Prince and the Revolution his people are seeking a 10-year contract. That's an entire decade for a guy who's about 75 pounds overweight and already 27 years old, turning 28 on May 9. It's going to be tough to get a lengthy agreement like that from any team for any player, unless you're Alex Rodriguez or Albert Pujols.

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I'd say he's more like 100 pounds overweight. He's only 5'11" and claims to be 275...

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