Minnesota Twins Trade Kevin Slowey to Colorado Rockies, Where He'll Suck

For the record, we love Kevin Slowey. Upon meeting him a few times and "interviewing him" -- using that term loosely since we all but groped him -- we will definitely miss his adorable face and unbecoming haircut at Minnesota Twins events next season.

After shopping him pretty much all season long, the club finally traded the right-hander to the Colorado Rockies for some crappy player to be named later at the winter meetings in Dallas this morning.

We saw this move coming, since he actually informed us at the Twins & Pins event last summer that he would rather not remain with the organization, because he more or less can't stand Ron Gardenhire. That may or may not be because of that one time (at which I was present and royally pissed) Gardy removed him from a no-hitter in the seventh inning in favor of Jon Rauch...who immediately gave up a hit.

Slowey was demoted from the rotation to the bullpen this spring, which he also was unhappy about. He's not that great to begin with, but being a fly-ball pitcher, Coors Field is the worst possible ballpark on earth for him to call home.
Good luck, Kevin.

Meanwhile, the Twins have offered longtime outfielder Michael Cuddyer three years worth $25 million to stick around Minnesota. Since , he's a little too busy to make a decision just yet.

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Anonymous said...

Awwwwww. I can't tell if I'm more bummed out that he won't be around Minny anymore or that he's going to be hit like a beat whore in Colorado.

Bassmaster said...

The Rockies should never ever never forever no matter what sign fly-ball pitchers. That is absolute suicide 81 games a year.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Slowey will suck anywhere he pitches, but you're right in saying Coors Field will emphasize his suckiness. Terrible move on part of the Rockies.

Marea said...

He's gonna miss us so hard.

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