Anna Benson Tries to Trick Kris into Knocking her Up... This Show is Stupid

You'd think being obsessed with baseball and a fan of reality tv gems such as Bad Girls Club (gotta love watching drunk chicks pull each other's weaves out) would indicate that I also enjoy watching Baseball Wives. Think again.

I had never watched the show up until Wednesday when my curiosity got the best of me. Since I can't get that 60 minutes of my life back, I figure I might as well make the best of it and tell the world what a ho bag I think Anna Benson is. We've had our fun with her in the past and have been well aware of her batshit crazy tendencies ever since back when her husband Kris was relevant.

Yeah, it's been a while... which brings me to my next point. Why the hell is she even on this show? Why are any of these broads -- wife of Ron Villone and Matt Williams, ex-wives of Jason Kendall and Mark Grace (slumpbuster!) and ex-girlfriend of Nyjer Morgan -- when all of these guys other than T-Plush and Villone are retired and were never really that great anyway? Well, except for Grace. He was pretty good back in the day, and his loud mouth jibber jabber pays the bills (and the alimony) courtesy of the Arizona Diamondbacks. No wonder he got a DUI this summer.

Anyway, here's my beef with Anna. In the latest episode, she confided in Williams' wife Erika that she has stopped taking her birth control and plans to have a romantic evening with her hubby in hopes of getting knocked up. Apparently, she's discussed another pregnancy with Kris in the past and he thinks it's a terrible idea. So of course, she's going to do what any loony celebrity housewife would do: steal his sperm and make a baby without his permission.


Silly Anna. Don't you know you'll have to pay your nanny double-time to raise two children? You can catch Baseball Wives in all its glory Wednesday nights on VH1 at 9pm ET. Feel free to send us juicy updates because that's the first, last and only episode I'll be watching.

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Catch said...

Like you said, she's always been crazy. This just proves that. I hope this show gets cancelled.