Albert Pujols Finally Makes up His Mind, Signs with Los Angeles Angels

Honestly, we love Albert Pujols and think he's great and everything, but we have to admit we were getting pretty sick of hearing his name and only his name above all else so far during the winter meetings. And pretty much all offseason. And during the end of the regular season when perhaps he was "playing his last game in a Cardinals uniform" every game for a straight month. Pretty sure Tim McCarver uttered that phrase at least 16 times during the World Series. That's why he's a legend, people.

The Los Angeles Angels swooped in and managed to sign Pujols Thursday morning to the tune of $254 million over ten seasons, which is absolutely ridiculous, but we all knew it would be no matter where he signed.

And that's not all. The Angels also have a new lefty in the mix upon signing free agent straight-edger C.J. Wilson for five years, $75 million. Yes, it appears the Halos are a team to be reckoned with.

If you know a Cardinals fan, hold them in your thoughts today.



Braden said...

Whoa, the Angels just came out of nowhere. CJ too? They are going to be awesome next season.