Wilson Ramos Rescued, Psycho Kidnappers in Custody

A little more than 48 hours after Wilson Ramos was kidnapped by four gunmen from his native Venezuela home, he has been rescued.

The Washington Nationals catcher was brought to safety Friday evening, and escorted back to his family wearing a bulletproof vest after he was found by police commandos in a mountainous area roughly 40 miles northwest of his Valencia, Venezuela hometown. According to Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami, three people were arrested, one of them a Colombian "linked to paramilitary groups and to kidnapping groups."

The shaken 24-year-old had this to say about his ordeal and the eventual rescue operation:

"\This is a pain nobody deserves to feel, so many things went through my mind, and I feared like never before. The truth is, at the moment they came to get me I was very nervous. There were many gunshots. Thanks to God, those guys did a tremendous job. I'm super grateful to them... I'm still a bit nervous."

When he was finally able to call home, the first person he spoke to was his mother, telling her he loved her and that he was safe. Awwww.

If you understand Spanish, feel free to watch this video of Ramos speaking to the media after his rescue. Even if you don't understandwhat he is saying, you can still hear the relief in his voice and see it on his face. Welcome home, Ramos.

[Sky News]


Megs said...

So happy to hear he's alright! He must have been so afraid. I bet his family and friends are relieved that the abductors were also captured.

Anonymous said...

Viva la Ramos!

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