The Los Angeles Dodgers are About to Make Matt Kemp Rich as Hell

Matt Kemp and the Los Angeles Dodgers are on the brink of a ginormous deal that would keep him with the team over the next eight seasons for $160 million.

This would mark the richest contract in the Dodgers' long history, making the All-Star center fielder one of the highest-paid players in the game. LA wooed right-hander Kevin Brown away from the San Diego Padres for a record $105 million, seven-year contract back in 1998, but we all know how that worked out... Awesome for Kevin.

Kemp, 27, led the National League with 39 home runs and 126 RBI to end the 2011 season. Sadly, he finished with the third-best batting average at .324 behind NL batting champion Jose Reyes and second-best hitter Ryan Braun to let the Triple Crown slip away.

Apparently, the two sides are still working on some finishing touches. While the Dodgers declined to comment, Kemp had this to say regarding his sweet new deal:

“We’ve still got a little bit more to go, little more things to work out. Hopefully I’ll be a Dodger for years to come.”