Who Doesn't Want to See a Shirtless Nick Punto?? Ummm... Everyone.

We wanted to share this photo of Nick Punto with you. No reason, other than it made us laugh hysterically. Special thanks to good pal and commenter Seth for posting this on Sooze's Facebook wall... it made her pee a little.

It's one thing for the scrappy Punto to shred the jerseys of Chris Carpenter, Matt Holliday, or Skip Shumacher, for example, but he needs to keep his intact. And shave.

The St. Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies will meet up for Game One of the best-of-five NLDS Saturday evening with Roy Halladay taking the hill against Kyle Lohse at 4:05pm ET on TBS. Unfortunately, Punto will be riding the pine in favor of Rafael Furcal.

Earlier on in the day, the Arizona Diamondbacks and Milwaukee Brewers will face off in a battle of aces with Ian Kennedy and Yovani Gallardo highlighting Game One of that NLDS matchup at 1:05pm ET.


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Timberhill said...

I believe the previous commenter made a spelling error. It's actually 'sexiEst.' You forgot the 'e'

Sooze said...

You would not believe the "shirtless" keyword searches we've been getting since this post.

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