We are Going to Help You Plan Your Next Trip to the Ballpark

Ever wonder which big league ballpark has the cheapest beer? How about the most expensive? Of course you have. These details determine how booze much you will consume before entering the stadium. Personally, we've never been to a major league establishment that offers them for under $6.50 a piece, so we tailgate pretty hard.

(I once paid $12.50 for a 6 oz. Bloody Mary at Target Field. When I figured out that not only was it not going to change my life, it would taste like shit and give me heart burn, I was none too pleased with myself. Live and learn, I suppose.)

Do you often consider the economic relativity of attending a baseball game in certain cities? We know you've contemplated how many gallons of delicious, ice cold, overpriced beers are pounded at ballgames each season. For Pete's sake, knowing all of these answers is an absolute must in order to maximize your baseball-watching enjoyment.

Mike Donghia has puzzled over each of these questions and more. Obviously, what better thing to do with all of this information than to compile it into an attractive-looking infograph! The only thing that would make this more awesome is a power-point slide show to Eye of the Tiger elevator music.

"Ballpark Prices" infographic courtesy of WEBstaurant Restaurant Supplies


Jacob said...

That is the ONE thing I can't stand about going to baseball games. Everything is outrageous expensive, especially at newer ballparks. By the time you buy your ticket, park, eat, and have a couple beers, you're into the day for at least $150.

Megs said...

Ha! I hope everyone mouses over that picture of the beer vendor. I am so using that line next time I'm at a game.