There's Always Next Year, Rays Fans

Here we go again, kicking off another postseason of "." We absolutely love this part.

The Tampa Bay Rays, who fought so damn hard to get into the playoffs in the first place, find themselves the very first team to be eliminated out of postseason contention after the insane bat of Adrian Beltre and the Texas Rangers knocked them back into the offseason Tuesday afternoon. We know.... we wish we could give Evan Longoria a hug too. Among other things.

And now for our photo montage of sadness... There's always next year, Rays fans.

And here's pic of hot-ass wrestler John Cena, just for good measure. I can't tell what he's doing there besides wearing a wedding ring that is clearly too small for his giant sausage finger.

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Megs said...

That picture of Ron Washington is hilarious.