Robin Ventura Shakes Headlock, Takes a Stab at Managing White Sox

Robin Ventura, best know for getting his ass beat by Nolan Ryan (I swear that will be on this poor sap's tombstone) has taken Ozzie Guillen's job as skipper of the South Siders.

The former White Sox third baseman joined the team this summer as a "special adviser" to director of player development Buddy Bell, which is apparently a lot like managing a ball club. Fun fact: Ventura has never so much as managed a little little league team in his entire life... Oh well.

The White Sox don't seem to care about this minor detail, however. They just had to snag him up before another club did. You know, one who preferred a skipper with zero credentials. Besides, they had to get a name out there that someone recognized so the world would'nt realize that no one wants to be in charge of that mess, let alone listen to Ken Williams babble on and on.

So what about when Chicago and the Texas Rangers inevitably meet during the regular season and there's a bench-clearing brawl because someone is being an asshole or so-and-so took offense to the brushback, and Ventura pulls another stunt like he did back in 1993?

God I hope that happens.

Anyway, so much for Terry Francona taking the open position of White Sox manager next season. Onto the next rumor: Tito is Cubbies-bound! (Did it ever occur to anyone in the media that maybe Francona just wants to guffaw with Joe Buck from now on?)

[Chicago Sun-Times]


Megs said...

What the f*ck White Sox. Get your sh*t together.