David Freese is an Animal, St. Louis Cardinals are World Series Champions

World Series MVP David Freese gave credit to just about everyone but himself Friday night after his Cardinals came away with a 6-2 win over the Texas Rangers to bring their 11th Championship title back to St. Louis.

The 28-year-old thanked Albert Pujols for being a great teammate who helped put him on the right path back to success. He thanked Tony La Russa for being an over-managing mess excellent manager, and Mark McGwire for little hitting tips that came up big.

Freese batted .348 during the best-of-seven series with seven RBI, three doubles, a timely triple, and a huge home run. Feeling a little burned out after high school, the slugger decided to say "no thanks" to a college baseball scholarship and opted to be just a regular old student. Pretty sure at this point he's pumped he made a comeback... especially after being handed the keys to a sweet-ass black Corvette for his MVP prize from Chevy.

He also officially holds the record for most RBI in the postseason ever with 21, shattering the previous mark of 19 shared by David Ortiz, Scott Spiezio, and Sandy Alomar Jr. Freese, always humble, had this to say during the post-game madness:

"I’ve had plenty of days of my life where I thought I wouldn’t be even close to being a big leaguer. I’m here because of everybody around me. They’ve put so much trust in me to accomplish not only baseball but just stuff in life, and to do this is -- I’m just full of joy, finally.”

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