Big Time Timmy Jim Lincecum Sued for Being a Lazyass Stoner Party Animal

We've all had one of those roommates.

You know, the ones who use every dish in the house before washing any until they're eating cereal off a plate with a spatula. The kind who accidentally bust the window frame while trying to break in because they forgot their car keys in the bathroom, or knock the bong over while it's sitting on the stove and then never clean up the rancid water between the oven and the fridge so it permanently smells like ass in the kitchen...

Maybe you are that guy. Tim Lincecum totally is. Allegedly.

The Giants ace was sued Wednesday in the San Francisco Superior Court by former landlord, Mindy Freile, for allegedly causing $350,000 worth of damage to a furnished Mission District apartment that he rented. And it's not like he just left the place kind of messy.

No, no, it was [allegedly] a complete disaster. Freile claims Lincecum damaged "the bedding, doors, carpet, pillows, kitchenware, linens, furniture, lights, artwork, decorations, patio furniture, appliances and mirrors, among other things."

For crying out loud, Little Timmy. We know you like to party, but how could a mild-mannered two-time Cy Young Award winner like yourself ruin all that apparently very expensive crap? A killer party, bro. That's how.



Anonymous said...

I would so pick up after that adorable piece of real estate. No pun intended.

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