Sooze Gives the Minnesota Twins a Detention Lecture

Before we fly off the handle, we'd like to direct you to Sooze's guest post on Big League Stew -- a Detention Lecture given to the Minnesota Twins.

What a difference a year can make; the Minnesota Twins have gone from first to worst in a matter of one season. At a dismal 30 games under .500 with a roster chock-full of players few fans recognize, the defending American League Central champions have a lot of work to do this offseason.

They completed an 0-5 road trip on Wednesday, dropping their two-game series finale 7-3 to a team who was once the laughing stock of the division: the Kansas City Royals. Now, the Twins trail the division-leading Detroit Tigers by 27 1/2 games and the Royals by four in what has become their worst season in a decade. That makes complete sense when you look at the last half of their season in which they've gone 1-10 over their past 11 games and 9-32 since July 30. Awesome.

Between the rampant injuries, complete and utter incompetence, and lack of experience all over the field, they've committed 110 errors this season, and more than one in a game on 26 separate occasions. Ron Gardenhire summed it up when he said, "You've got to throw the ball, [then] you're supposed to catch the ball." It's just embarrassing.

Shortstop Trevor Plouffe had this to say about his team's recent play:

"This road trip was terrible. It was crappy for all of us. You can quote me. Did we win any games? Yeah, when that happens there's a lot of things you've got to look at."

Yep... they suck. In fact, with just 14 games remaining, the Twins find themselves on the path to a 100-loss season, which has happened only once before: in 1982 when they went 60-102. To avoid that embarrassment, Minnesota must win at least four games down the stretch. That may be harder than it sounds.

Even though they've had a terrible season, Babes Love Baseball will embark on an adventure this evening to attend the Twins & Pins Charity Bowling Event, hosted by Denard Span. Also, Danny Valencia will be there.... we'll try not to hug him too hard. Anyway, enjoy the rest of these uplifting Twins-related blog posts:

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