Looking Back on 3,000 Posts

Welcome to our 3,000th post. Man, that's a lot of baseball blogging. It's like we never shut up!

We've had lots of laughs, done some fantastic interviews, seen writers come and go, and had pretty great contests and giveaways. Obviously, we need to take this opportunity to look back at some of our favorite posts. Ah, the good old days...

We got super lazy and decided to write all 30 team previews in haiku form.

There were a ton of elderly pitchers back in 2007. Naturally, we created a 12-Step support group for them.

There's really nothing quite like sitting around thinking of who would make the best mistresses for random Major League Baseball players. So that's what we did.

Remember when Josh Hamilton was busted licking whipped cream off a young lady's chest? We were hard at it that day.

Grady Sizemore gives us all an early Christmas gift by snapping sexytime pics of himself in some sort of dressing room...as if we checked out the background.

And then there's everything we've ever written on Roger Clemens.

Milton Bradley was up to his usual shenanigans and we had enough of his crap, so we created a timeline documenting all the batshit crazy things he's done over his career. It's a long list.

We went under the bleachers with Jeff Manship, and upon shamelessly hitting on him and Facebook stalking the poor guy, he still hasn't called.

Sooze broke up with her stupid boyfriend, but realized in the end, she still had baseball.

Thanks for reading. I'm not sure we'd do this whole blog thing if we didn't have the absolute BEST readers and commenters in the business.

Sooze and Marea


Jay Floyd said...

Good stuff. Congrats on the milestone!