Red Sox Turn a Triple Play, No One Notices

When the , it was pretty exciting stuff. Unfortunately, when the Boston Red Sox turned in three outs in a single play the following day, it was one of the most boring triple plays of all time.

It was the fourth inning with runners on first and second, and here's how it all went down: With Erik Bedard on the hill, Sean Rodriguez dribbled one up the third baseline. Jed Lowrie then stepped on the bag to start a 5-4-3 triple play right around the horn. Just like that, the inning was over and Bedard got out of all sorts of trouble.

Not quite as awesome as the Brewers' triple play from the day before, huh.

Hat tip to for the animated gif, which I found after googling "Lame Red Sox triple play"


KT said...

That is the most boring triple play I've ever seen.