It Was a Matter of Time Before Jim Hendry Got Canned

Tom Ricketts has seen enough. Jim Hendry has finally been fired after extending his team's World Series drought to 103 years.

The Chicago Cubs general manager has certainly had his ups and downs over the last nine seasons... mostly downs. Another disappointing end to another miserable season was the last straw for new owner Ricketts, who said it was time for a "fresh approach in our baseball leadership."

The Cubs headed into the All-Star break 18 games under .500, just about exactly where they sat Friday morning before Hendry got canned: 18.5 games out of the National League Central lead. Although much of the blame could be placed on skipper Mike Quade, who got the job last October and led the team to a 24-13 record to end the season, I think most Cubs fans would agree that the problem lies much higher in the pecking order.

One of several events that quite possibly had a hand in his demise might have been his unwillingness to let go of Carlos Zambrano. It took him a long time and a laundry list of screw-ups to finally ditch Milton Bradley, which sends a message that he's willing to put up with damn near anything. Even things that make the Cubs organization look like a complete joke.

Assistant general manager Randy Bush will now serve as interim general manager. Good luck buddy.



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