Carlos Zambrano Talks Retirement, Changes his Mind

Carlos Zambrano wants the Cubs to take him back, claiming he'd still like to pitch for the team, even though he said he was done with them a couple days ago.

Apparently, he was just "frustrated" when he told club personnel that he wanted to retire after his most recent start. Zambrano cleaned out his locker and said that he wanted to retire after giving up five home runs and being ejected from Friday night's 10-4 loss to the Atlanta Braves following two brushbacks to Chipper Jones.

Then he made an even dumber move and didn't show up to the ballpark the next day, supposedly because his agent advised against it because they were "in the middle of discussions with the union and the Cubs."

So after the latest in a long line of meltdowns, the team placed him on the disqualified list on Saturday without pay. Also, he is to have no part in team activities for 30 days. He's pretty much grounded.

Big Z was 9-7 with a 4.82 ERA and 101 strikeouts on the season before he lost his mind.



Megs said...

What an idiot. He and Milton Bradley should start their own team of crazypants players.