Blah Blah Steroids: Mike Jacobs

Mike Jacobs is not the sharpest tackle in the box.

The minor league first baseman, who may have just screwed up his chance at ever returning to the big leagues, is the first player suspended by Major League Baseball for a positive HGH test under its minor league drug testing program. What a moron.

The 30-year-old Jacobs played in the majors from 2005-10, collecting 100 homers and 310 RBI with a career .254 batting average between the New York Mets, Florida Marlins and Kansas City Royals. He received a 50-game suspension Thursday for choosing to take the banned performance-enhancing drug rather than heal naturally, and was subsequently released by the Colorado Rockies. His excuse? He needed to overcome knee and back problems.

The Rockies released a statement detailing their disappointment in Jacobs and saying PEDs must be banished from the sport. Jacobs, of course, apologized:

"A few weeks ago, in an attempt to overcome knee and back problems, I made the terrible decision to take HGH. I immediately stopped a couple of days later after being tested. Taking it was one of the worst decisions I could have ever made, one for which I take full responsibility. I apologize to my family, friends, the Colorado Rockies organization, Major League Baseball and to the fans. Now, as required by the minor league drug program, I will serve a 50-game suspension. After my suspension is completed, I hope to have the opportunity to continue my career in the game that I love so much."

Honestly, I'm shocked that any player would still attempt to get away with taking a banned substance. Odds are, you'll get caught. Bud Selig is watching you.



Anonymous said...

"What a moron" is right. Why do these kids continue to try to cheat the system??

Sooze said...

I don't get it either.

RFS said...

C'mon..he was using HGH to recover from injury. That's legit, right?

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