As if Alex Rodriguez Has a Poker Face

Richard Rubenstein, the publicist for the amazing life story that is Alex Rodriguez, claims the New York Yankees’ third baseman is looking forward to cooperating with MLB in its investigation of his "alleged" involvement in illegal gambling, specifically underground poker games.

Star Magazine apparently reported last month that Rodriguez was seen playing back door poker at the Beverly Hills mansion of record executive Cody Leibel, where a fight nearly busted out and cocaine was being used openly.

The All-Star slugger was questioned about the issue at the team's minor league training facility down in Florida on Thursday following his first on-field action since undergoing surgery on his right knee on July 14, but he refused to comment on the matter.

A-Rod, sporting a light brace on his bad knee, was on the field for about a half hour for a little light running, soft toss, grounders and some batting cage time. Before his injury, the Yankees Super Star was batting .295 with 13 home runs and 52 RBI on the season. He had this to say regarding his return to baseball activity:

“I had an encouraging day today. I'll have a better idea of a timetable in four or five days... the most important thing is to go back healthy."

...Not whether or not he's involved with illegal gambling.

[Daily Pitch]


Megs said...

He is the biggest turd in baseball.