Alex Rodriguez Gets Plunked, Joe Girardi Cries About it

The Cleveland Indians, as good as they were to kick off this season, are attempting to spark a rivalry with the New York Yankees... who have beat them 12 of the last 15 meetings.

The two teams will move right along with their four-game series Sunday afternoon in New York, with the Yankees leading 2-0. The first two contests featured a couple hit batsmen, including Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez. Controversial! Tex, who was hit by Jon Lester earlier in the week, was nailed in the right shoulder on Friday by Fausto Carmona. He got super pissed and the benches cleared, with Joe Girardi and Manny Acta enjoying a little face-to-face confrontation.

The tension continued into Saturday when A-Rod, who homered earlier in the game, was hit (unintentionally) by Mitch Talbot, who claims to have slipped on the mound and misplaced the pitch. The Indians right-hander was immediately ejected by the home plate umpire, in an apparent attempt to make an example out of him. Because he's such a badass.

Yankees batters have been smoked eight times in their last five games, and 33 times overall this season. Girardi, being the protective skipper that he is, believes most of the plunks were intentional because they hit a lot of homers: a big league best 95 to be exact. He had this to say after Saturday's game:

"I’m tired of it. Our guys get hit entirely too much. We’re a club that hits home runs and people don’t necessarily like that."

Speaking of the Yankees, Derek Jeter remains nine hits shy of the 3,000 career mark after going 0-for-4 Saturday. Good luck today Jetah!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe if half these guys didn't stand directly on top of the plate, they wouldn't get hit so often. Dumbasses.