Vin Mazzaro Historically Sucky Against Indians

Our condolences if Vin Mazzaro is on your fantasy baseball team. I'm sure he doesn't suck this much all the time, but he sure stunk up Kauffman Stadium last night. In fact, the poor guy was historically sucky.

The Kansas City Royals reliever was absolutely shelled Monday evening, surrendering a big league-record 14 runs in just 2.1 innings of "relief" -- including 10 in the fourth -- during his team's 19-1 loss to the smoking hot Cleveland Indians. According to , no relief pitcher has ever given up that many runs in that short of an outing... at least not since 1919 when their database was created.

Mazzaro, who did manage to get seven outs while watching his ERA explode to 22.74, had this to say about his incredible performance:

"It’s tough. It was a tough game. Some of the plays didn’t go my way. It’s a funny game."

He was sent down to the minors immediately following the loss... and there's nothing "funny" about that. Unless you're me.

[Hardball Talk]


Jacob said...

Ned Yost is an asshole.

Sooze said...

Yeah, yikes.

ABlogOfTheirOwn said...

Ned Yost was always among the least sensible of big-league managers. Glad to see nothing's changed!

Mazzaro's "some of the plays didn't go my way" cracked me up and inspired this morning's blog post. Poor guy. And yet---hee.

Stephen said...

Definitely agree with Jacob on this one. No reason to throw your guy under the bus like this. Inexcusable.

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