Rivalries and Sweet, Sweet Redemption

Most of you may remember our Ballpark Photo Contest we held back in January, where we asked you to send in your pictures to be voted upon by readers. The winner of that glorious contest was , but one of the runners up was the poor guy on the left, Atlanta Braves fan Mateo Walter and his friend David Gregory (the Los Angeles Angels fan on the right).

The two guys have an ongoing bet: during Interleague play, when one of their favorite teams inevitably loses, they have to don the winner's jersey. It's an embarrassing disaster and we absolutely love it.

Last year, David had to sport some Braves gear against his will: here's the picture. But Sunday afternoon, his Halos beat Atlanta 4-1 at Angel Stadium. David was pretty pumped while Mat, being a man of his word, donned a super fly Angels jacket and hung his head in shame. And cursed a lot.

Then he emailed us the pictures.

Check out more ballpark photos on our . Have your own rivalry story or photos from your favorite ballpark? Feel free to email them to .


Megs said...

Ha! That pic is awesome.

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