Kendry Morales' Ankle Won't Heal Without Surgery

The Los Angeles Angels are once again without Kendry Morales since he has decided to undergo another season-ending surgery on his left ankle.

The first baseman has been sidelined since May 29 of last year when he busted the ankle celebrating a walkoff grand slam at home plate. He was kicking ass too, leading the club with 11 homers and 39 RBI at the time of his injury. Crappy.

Apparently, the fracture has healed but left a decent amount of scar tissue and degenerative cysts to deal with. Unfortunately, the recovery and rehabilitation from this surgery will take at least six months.

The Halos might be leading the AL West at 21-17 at the moment, but I wouldn't be putting their name on any picks by the end of the season. Seriously. Watch out for the Oakland Athletics! And with Josh Hamilton on his way back from rehabbing his arm injury, you can go ahead and watch out for those Texas Rangers, too.

The Mariners? Not so much. (We love you Ichiro!)

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