Delicious Interleague Goodness

There's the Subway Series, the Beltway Series, the Lone Star Series, North Side vs. South Side, the Freeway Series, the Highway Series, the Bay Bridge Series, the Sunshine Series, and plenty more exciting, nameless contests during Interleague play.

On this 15th anniversary of Interleague action, let's revisit the first weekend of action.

Every year since 2004, the American League has come out of Interleague play with the best record. After the first weekend, however, things are all knotted up at 21-21. Here's a miniature breakdown of just a fraction of what went down:

The Yankees have won 45 of the 78 Interleague meetings all-time, and this weekend was no different against the Mets. The Amazins had many believing in the Rapture with a win on Friday, but the Bronx Bombers came out 2-1 for the series thanks to a eight-run seventh during Sunday's finale at Yankee Stadium.

The Red Sox hosted the Chicago Cubs for the first time since the 1918 World Series, with Tim Wakefield knuckleballing his way to a victory Sunday to favor the Red Sox 2-1 for the series.

A possible World Series preview pitted the Texas Rangers against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizen's Bank Park. C.J. Wilson beat Roy Halladay on Friday before Cliff Lee had to face the team he snubbed in the offseason on Saturday. Although the Phillies scored only five runs all weekend, they still managed to win the first two games.

The San Francisco Giants still know how to torture the crap out of their fans. Sunday's 11th-inning walkoff at AT&T Park over their Bridge Rival Oakland Athletics marked the seventh Giants walkoff this season already and their 11th one-run victory. Yikes.

Unlike Jim Leyland, Terry Francona, and Chipper Jones, we look forward to the next round of Interleague goodness coming in mid-June.


Bassmaster said...

Great series this weekend! Too bad the Twins totally sucked it up against the Diamondbacks. They should call that the Sucking Sound Series.

noisy penguin said...

Yeah, but for every Yankees/Mets matchup there's a far more lame, forced "rivalry" matchup like the Mariners/Padres. It's okay for M's, since they've beaten up on the Padres most years, but I think that making them play each other every year to create a rivalry where there is none is pretty stupid. But I suppose there's lots of money to be made for teams with actual rivalries, so it's not going away any time soon.

Kaitlynn said...

Nice breakdown!