Lost in the San Francisco Giants Youtube World

Ever get completely lost in the Youtube? I just did. Most of the time I watch weird shit like this, but tonight I was hypnotized by the reigning World Champions.

I've come across a few San Francisco Giants commericals that are new to this season, and I got to thinking: I bet no one outside of the Bay Area has ever seen these! Unless of course, they are searching the internet for 2011 Giants commercials. That is totally possible.

Anyway, here they are. Enjoy, if you haven't already.

The Giants save a young lady from failing her driver's exam.

Bruce Bochy saves a young boy the embarrassment of a sex talk with dad.

How to handle your boss when you don't want to work late.

What it's like to a close a deal as a Giants fan.

The Giants would like to show you how to sin.

Finally, reliving the World Series Parade.



The Giants have always had funny, original, clever commercials. We look forward to them every season.