Season Previews: Washington Nationals

With Spring Training already underway, it's time for one of our favorite things in all the world: . Four years ago, they began as a semi-serious analysis and ended up as half-assed haiku. We're just gonna go with what we know. Kicking off our preview of the National League East, here are the Washington Nationals.

Jayson Werth's Beard was
An offseason addition
Adam LaRoche too

Goodbye Adam Dunn
And so long Josh Willingham
Hello Sean Burnett

Bryce Harper might want
To smear less eye black on his
Adorable face

We hope Strasburg's arm
Will heal nicely this year
And we'll see him soon

The DP combo
Is Danny Espinosa
And Ian Desmond

Livan Hernandez
Pitches with Lannan, Marquis
And Gorzelanny

Don't forget about
Zimmermann and Zimmerman
One pitches one hits

Ivan Rodriguez
Is squatting behind the plate
Hope he can get up

Rick Ankiel in left
Nyjer Morgan in center
Bats left and runs fast

Drew Storen will close
Chien-Ming Wang in the bullpen
He used to be good

Are the Nationals
No longer the laughing stock?
Only time will tell

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Megs said...

Just an outrageous amount of eye black on that kid. Does he wear it to bed at night?

Matt said...

No!! They're no longer the NL East Laughing stock. Maybe not contenders yet, but not as far from it as a lot of people think. We'll see...

Nice blog, by the way. I just stumbled on it tonight.

Sooze said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Matt! It's been a long, painful, sometimes embarrassing struggle for the Nats, but I seriously think they're on the right track. Besides, you can only get so many #1 draft picks in a row before you're awesome by default. :)