Miguel Cabrera Arrested for Drunk Driving

Oh, Miguel Cabrera. When will you ever learn? The first baseman was arrested late Wednesday night on suspicion of drunken driving in Florida, not the first alcohol-related problem for the Detroit Tigers player who was thought to be rehabilitated and recovering.

The Motown slugger was found by a deputy, chilling in his 2005 Land Rover with a smoking engine alongside a road in Fort Pierce. According to the officer, Cabrera smelled like booze and his speech was slurred.

But wait, there's more. Cabrera actually took a swig from a bottle of scotch right in front of a deputy. Then, he refused to cooperate and more deputies were called to the scene. Yep, he was bombed.

According to the police report, the 27-year-old All-Star was wandering into the road with his hands in the air before he was handcuffed and actually said this:

"Do you know who I am?! You don’t know anything about my problems," while cussing at the deputies who tried to get him into a patrol car.

Cabrera posted $1,350 bond and was released from jail at 7:45 a.m. Thursday.

This news comes after a 2009 incident, when police said he got into a fight with his wife after a night of drinking, right before perhaps the biggest game of his life, Game 163 at the Metrodome where his team ended up surrendering the American League Central Division title to the Minnesota Twins the following afternoon.

During spring training last year, Cabrera said he was done drinking alcohol after he spent much of the offseason in counseling. He refused to admit any involvement in alcoholism last March saying, "You guys write in the paper 'alcoholic,' that’s not right. I don’t know how to explain, but it’s not an alcohol problem."

Whatever you say buddy.

Once again, Cabrera's off-field shenanigans have over-shadowed his on-field excellence: last season may be one of the best he's had in his career, batting .328 with 38 homers and 126 RBI in 150 games with the Tigers.

Impressive! Unfortunately, those numbers won't mean anything if he's dead or in prison for vehicular manslaughter. Driving drunk is literally the dumbest thing anyone can possibly do. It's time Miguel Cabrera grows the hell up and stops being such a shitty role model to all those kids in Detroit.

[Detroit Free Press]


Megs said...

"Do you know who I am? You don’t know anything about my problems,"

He's kind of a big deal.