Pavano's Mustache Will Keep Him Warm in Minnesota

It's official. Carl Pavano has decided to stay with the Minnesota Twins.

The two sides agreed to terms Wednesday on a two-year contract worth $16.5 million. Until today, the 35-year-old mustachioed righty was one of only a handful of decent starters remaining on the free agent market.

After agreeing to a one-year, $7 million deal with the Twins last offseaon, Pavano grew a weird (yet somehow badass) mustache and went on to compile a 17-11 record and 3.75 ERA, leading the team in wins and innings pitched (221) in 2010.

Since joining Minnesota back in August of 2009, Pavstache is 22-15 with a 3.97 ERA with 176 strikeouts over 44 starts. In fact, he became the team's ace during that time while fellow starter Francisco Liriano nursed himself back to health from Tommy John surgery.

Looks like that was more or less the final order of offseason business for the Twins, since the club re-signed veteran Jim Thome last week to a one-year, $3 million deal chock full of performance bonuses for all those taters he plans to mash this year.

This Just In... We suddenly find him less attractive.



shannon said...

2-year mustache ride! WHEEEEEE!

Seriously, it's gonna be awesome to see little kids and old ladies in fake 'staches at Twins games for the foreseeable future.

Bassmaster said...


Marea said...

I hope Butera grows his little copycat-stache again. That was adorable.

shannon said...

The nasty little Buterastache? No thank you! It's bad enough that he's a huge flirt. That thing made him go from cute to creepy when he's chatting up us ladies.

Kirsten said...

Xchweeet! I was so excited when I heard Pavano not only took a 2 year deal with the Twins, but he turned down The Evil Empire to do it.

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