Get Well Soon Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton, American League MVP and hero of the ALCS, is in the hospital suffering from pneumonia.

He was diagnosed on Monday, but according to the Texas Rangers, he should be able to resume baseball-related activities in a few days. What a stud. If I had pneumonia, I'd be in bed for a month.

Hamilton hit .359 with 32 homers and 100 RBI last season, and might kick even more ass next year. Ron Washington has hinted that he'd like to put the slugger out in left field to keep him healthy and avoid the wear and tear he's experienced in center.

Take it easy buddy!

Update: Hamilton remained hospitalized as of Thursday, but the Rangers said in a statement that he "is showing significant improvement." He is expected to be released by the weekend.

[Dallas Morning News]


Megs said...

It's crazy to me how fast athletes heal. You're right, I'd be laid up for at least a month and definitely would use pneumonia as an excuse to miss as much work as possible! Then again, I don't make millions of dollars to play a game...