Enter Our Ballpark Photo Contest!

Would you like to win a gift card to MLB.com? Of course you would.

We've run this contest before, and it was such a success and so damn much fun, we're doing it again. All you have to do to become eligible is send us a picture of yourself at the ballpark.

The rules are pretty simple: send one picture of you at a ballpark. You can be alone, with your buddies, your mama, or however you roll at the game. Please include your name and where the photo was taken. For the record, don't pull a Grady Sizemore on us. Unless you're hot. Actually no. Either way, you must be at a baseball stadium.

Anyway, Marea and I will then choose a few of our favorite photos before submitting them in poll-form to our wondeful readers, who will vote for their favorite.

The lucky winner gets the gift card and a badass official BLB t-shirt, like this one modeled by the studly Mike. Thanks buddy!

by Friday, January 21 at 11:59pm ET. We will work tirelessly that entire weekend to weed out the crap and have a poll ready for you by the following Monday morning (Jan 24). The winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

We can't wait!



Megs said...

Hahaha awesome!! I forgot about that contest. Remember the old school Cubs pic from the 70s? Priceless.

Sooze said...

Yes!! That one was great.

Anonymous said...

My 3-year-old at PNC will crush this contest.