Cliff Lee Reunites with the Philadelphia Phillies

Turns out Cliff Lee is not a contract whore after all.

Upon several days of secret deliberation, MLB's most wanted has finally made up his damn mind. He's returning to the City of Brotherly Love to reunite with the team who gave him a World Championship just two seasons ago. The team who -- out of the clear blue Monday night -- offered him a five-year, $120 million contract.

The Philadelphia Phillies.

While the Phillies' deal is considerably less than the funds the New York Yankees had proposed, or what the Texas Rangers offered in an attempt to convince him to stay in Arlington, apparently it was enough.

Sources around midnight were saying the deal was worth only $100 million, but that number increased into something a little more believable by morning.

Lee will join the most ridiculous rotation in baseball, sharing the mound with Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels and Joe Blanton. That's just sickening.

And let's be real here. A contract of that size spanning that length of time for a 32-year-old man -- Cliff Lee or not -- is a pretty sweet deal. In 2015, the lefty will be pushing the better half of 40 and likely ready to call it a day anyhow. Besides, last winter the Phillies offered him just $54 million over three yrs, so he gained $66 million and two years by holding his breath.

Though many of us were hoping he'd somehow end up on our favorite team via romanticized Winter Meetings Magic, I think the majority of fans' backup wishes were granted. He ended up in a lesser evil of pinstripes.

Lee's wife also had a lot to do with his decision to return to Philadelphia. She couldn't stand New York, complaining about the rude fans who were disgusting enough to spit on the Rangers' wives during the ALCS. Ummm... I hate to say it, but Philly fans don't have the best track record either, lady. Just look at all the crap that went down before June of last season!

At any rate, hopefully all you Phillies Phanatics didn't haphazardly burn your Lee jerseys already.

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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that he left $40+ million on the table. It sends a message that the NYY can't just go out and buy whoever they want!